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  Which Clocks - Discount grandfather, wall, mantel clock sales and information
Which Clocks - Discount grandfather, wall, mantel clock sales and information
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Most of us wake up every morning to an alarm clock, we look at the time during work at our wall clock. Clocks have become an integral part of our society, how often do we look to a wall expecting to see a clock? The story of the clock is one not fully documented or fully known, a story of progression on many fronts by many different contributors, sometimes simultaneously.

Grandfather Clocks
The grandfather clock, sometimes called longcase clocks, is a pendulum clock that stands on the floor and is generally six and a half feet tall. The name grandfather clock comes from the song Grandfathers Clock by Clay Work (1875). The grandfather or longcase clocks were the most precise clocks for over 200 years (until the quartz crystal came along).

Mantel Clocks
The mantel clocks become popular due to fireplaces. The mantel clock was the perfect decorative item for the mantel (over the fireplace). The mantel clocks were extremely popular in France between 1700-1900, and there are still many fine antique French mantel clocks available today. The mantel clock, although popular for stylish reasons, came about with the invention of coiled main springs. This being an important invention for carriage and mantel clocks and also watches.

Wall Clocks
The wall clock is highly practical and comes in many varieties, electric, master/slave, atomic, battery operated, cuckoo clocks etc... The wall clock marks no progressive stage in clock development, but is by far the most common type of clocks seen around now days. The grandfather, mantel and cuckoo clocks still hold an aura of style, but the common wall clocks are found everywhere.

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