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An Electric Clock is one whose prime source of power is electricity supplied through a battery or mains power. The type of electric clock can vary, an electric clock can be an Impulsed Clock, Rewound Clock or an Electronic Clock.
  • Impulsed clock is one where the time dividing mechanism is mechanical, i.e. balance wheel and pendulum, but is powered by electrical means (has no other power source).
  • Rewound Clock is one that has both mechanical power supply and mechanical time dividing mechanism. The mechanical power supply, such as falling weights, is rewound by electrical means.
  • Electronic Clock is one that has electrical power supplies plus electronic ciruit for time dividing. i.e. quartz clock

The first electric clock was made by Alexander Bain in 1840, and electric clocks slowly progressed from here. The first clocks were impulsed clocks and then rewound clocks, with the fully electronic clocks arriving last. H.E. Warren made the first ever clock with a battery in the early twentieth century and then developed the first plug into mains clock (running from asynchronous power) in 1918. The fully electronic clocks have seen the impulsed and rewound clocks fade into history. The different type of electric clocks are many and growing, including quartz, digital, master, atomic ... etc, any clock that has a battery or plugs in. The rise of electricity powering clocks and watches is just a reflection of the rise of electricity powering modern life.

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