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The Mantel Clock is as its name suggests, a clock that sits upon a mantel. Clocks became popular as mantel shelf decorations due to many houses having fireplaces with mantel shelves above them. The mantel shelf clock was particularly popular in France from 1700-1900's, and there are many fine antique french mantel clocks (often spelt mantle) still around.

The mantel clock, desktop clock and carriage clock, are all primarily the same/or similar types of clock. This type of clock came into existance after the invention of the coiled mainspring in 1490 by Peter Henlein. The coiled mainspring allowed clocks to be powered by a much smaller power source than had previously been used (such as big springs and falling weights). The more compact power sources allowed for smaller clocks to be made, which saw the mantel clock become a popular and functional item.

Although the mantel clock was highly popular for several hundred years, it also made a fashionable reappearance in the 1920's and 1930's. The mantel clock is more a piece of decorative furniture, and as such is subject to fashionable trends. It is the changing trends that has influenced the designs (different construction materials, wood, marble, crystall etc... all used, many different looks) and has left a legacey of fashionable and period influenced clocks behind. For this reason collecting mantel clocks is reasonably popular amongst collectors.

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