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Clocks really do come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, and the wall clock is no different. When you think of a wall clock what is the first one that comes to mind? clocks found on your kitchen walls, the wall clocks at your place of work, cuckoo clocks, pendulum wall clocks, clocks hanging in a public place like at school, train station, airport etc.... is it a plain or a decorative wall clock? When you start to think about it, the array of wall clocks is vast. Do you also notice that we are quite conditioned to look around the walls for a clock when we are looking for the time?

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Our associating clocks with walls came from very humble beginnings. The initial mechanical clocks started appearing sometime in the 1300's, and through until the 1500's when the pendulum clocks came into existance, and clocks were powered by falling weights or by main springs. The powering of clocks by falling weights was ideally suited to the clocks being mounted on the walls. The falling weight clocks appeared during this period, but these pre pendulum clocks were quite inaccurate losing up to 15 minutes every day. Still, the first wall clock had appeared and ever since we have associated clocks with walls.

Wall clocks in public places, such as at work, train stations, airports, schools etc..... while not usually the decorative clocks, they are generally a specific type of clock. They are more often than not a master/slave clock system, that being a system by which one master clock controls many slave clocks or slave dials. For more information on master clocks visit the master clock page from which clock section.

The kitchen wall clock or wall clocks found in the average home are more likely to be an electric powered quartz model. These new types of wall clock range from the basic to the decorative, they come in lots of different models and can be closlely matched to a rooms decorative appearance. These basic wall clocks are for most people tastes, but many true clock lovers are very much into the highly decorative cuckoo clocks. The making of cuckoo clocks started as a hobby industry in the black forest (Germany) and they probably still rate as some of the most decorative wall clocks ever developed. For more information on decorative wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, pendulum clocks, etc.... visit the which clock section of this website.

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